Just Before Sleep

Northern Young Artists presents Just Before Sleep

By Artist: Stephen Hudson

Wednesday 2nd September – Monday 14th September

Unit 9 Gallery, Huddersfield, HD1 2BB

Opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday (10am – 2pm)

Stephen uses the natural fluctuations between our conscious and subconscious realities as a method to explore his philosophical thinking of the Universe. Flowing between natural geometry, order and abstract mark making, he expresses ideas and possible visions he imagines that the secrets of the Universe could hold. When looking at the works, try to envision the wealth of the unknown and yet to be discovered; the fractions of time at the moment of the big bang, the vibrations of energy and or/dark matter that hold together the quantum reality, the widely discussed Multi-versal dimensions, the geometry that creates our scarcely unknown shared reality. Then perhaps, just as Stephen has, take these thoughts home with you and free your mind to consider these Possibilities, ‘Just Before Sleep’.

For more information please visit http://n-y-a.co.uk/spaces/unit-9-gallery/